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Israel action - analyzed by international law expert

2023-10-30 (#062)

Natasha Hausdorff, UK Lawyers for Israel Charitable Trust Legal Director, is asked whether, as suggested by the BBC, Israel is punishing the Palestinians for the actions of Hamas and whether this is a commonly held view in the mainstream media in the UK. Natasha replies that the narrative of Israel committing war crimes or punishing ordinary Palestinians took hold along with blatant misrepresentations of international law. International lawyers and military experts therefore need to explain the realities of the situation and the law that applies. Israel's obligations in terms of provision of humanitarian aid: since 2007, Israel has supplied water, electricity, food and other humanitarian aid via the Kerem Shalom crossing from Israel into Gaza despite Hamas' attempts to destroy Israeli infrastructure that supports those operations and its genocidal initiatives against the Jewish population. The Israeli support has stopped since the war broke out, and there is no international legal obligation for Israel to provide any supplies to Hamas. In fact Israel has no obligation to provide humanitarian aid at all. Israel's only obligation is to facilitate the provision of humanitarian aid by third parties, while ensuring that this aid will not be diverted to Hamas, which is impossible to guarantee but Israel is facilitating humanitarian aid nonetheless, and Hamas is continuing to exploit international aid for terrorism. The International Criminal Court, claiming to be independent and unbiased, is investigating Israel for alleged war crimes. One shameful incident happened when the prosecutor of the ICC travelled to the Rafah Crossing and tried to draw a moral equivalence to the atrocities of October 7th, which he called alleged war crimes, and the so-called Israeli war crimes, thus following a consistent practice of attributing an evil intent to Israel for which there is no evidence. Similar shameful statements emerged from the U.N. Secretary General, who tried to rationalize the attack.

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