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Israel-Palestine War: "We Need Arabs To Speak Up!" Piers Morgan vs Jewish Actress Noa Tishby

2023-12-13 (208)

Piers Morgan Uncensored is joined by Jewish Israeli actress, writer and activist Noa Tishby to discuss the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine and the world's reaction to the war in Gaza. They also discuss the growing antisemitism amidst the conflict and the treatment of Jewish people globally.

Piers begins by asking Noa how she feels about people conflating the actions of the Israeli government in its response to the Hamas attacks on October 7th with Jewish people across the world. Noa believes that criticisms of Israel as a country are only masking antisemitism and believes it is a dangerous rhetoric as Jewish people across the world are not responsible for the actions of the Israeli government. Noa however also adds that she feels IDF are doing the best they can to limit the casualties.

Video Transcription:

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