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Life in Gaza at the moment is far from being easy.

2023-10-25 (#042)

For all the deniers of the October 7th massacre, there are three confirmed sources.The first is first hand experience. Hundreds of funerals have been held. There isn't one person is Israel who doesn't know someone murdered or kidnapped. Siblings, friends, children are among the hostages and there are first hand testimonies from those who survivied the inferno. The second source is the entire world media which received unprecedented access and reported on the atrocities live, simultaneously. Are they all manufacturing reality? The third source is...Hamas. They're proud of what they did and boasted about the atrocities on social media. Many had body cameras and they also brought along their own reporters. And they took selfies. For the sake of damage control, Hamas is trying to deny claims that war crimes were committed and say that it was the work of individuals, not something organized. But documents found on the terrorists' bodies detail the orders to target civilians, kill as many as possible, and also to capture hostages.

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