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Linor Abargile's speech at the United Nations addressing women organizations.

2023-12-05 (#185)

The beauty queen and former Miss World, Linor Abargil, appealed to the women's organizations, which until recently were silent about the atrocities committed by Hamas terrorists against Jewish women, and urged them to make their voices heard. This, after she claimed that they were the ones who protected her 25 years ago, when she was brutally raped in Milan

Video Transcription:

How convenient it was at that

time for this organization

to use my name, my fame

to invite me

to their conferences

to take a

photo with the

woman who became

for them a symbol

and how ashame, so ashame

I feel that I was nothing

but an "extra" in their production.


because today in these conferences

they don't want

to present the

blood stains on

the pants,

the broken pelvises,

the desecrated bodies

of my sisters,

the bloodthirsty Hamas terrorists

even documenting

their war crimes.

And still ,most

of women organization

are silent!

the horrific testimonies

we have witnessed so far

should have awoken women

organization long ago,

long ago

and get them to stand

up with us in solidarity.

But so far this has not

happened because

of their cowardice,

because of petty politics

the women who were raped

and murdered on October 7

will may be silent forever

but justice will

be done.

The truth shall prevail.

We will never

forget them and

we will make

sure that the

world will never

forget them.

We will be

the voice that

was taken away

from them.

Thank you very


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