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Lord David Wolfson speaking from the heart at the UK House of Lords

2023-11-12 (#112)

Lord David Wolfson gives an impassioned speech at the UK House of Lords. He has a 20 year-old son who serves in the IDF. There wouldn't be a State of Israel without the IDF. His teenage daughter wears a Star of David round her neck in London. Lord Wolfson is more worried about his daughter in London than about his son in uniform in a country at war. Why? The national broadcaster, the BBC, has failed to describe Hamas as a terrorist group, has reported uncritically, citing only Hamas officials, that Israel attacked a hospital. This was subsequently irrevocably proven to have been the result of an Islamic Jihad rocket that misfired, but the BBC did not remove the defamatory report from its website and the entire matter had dire consequences, including the cancellation of a summit in Amman, the closing of Jewish schools in London, kosher restaurants being smashed up and heightened security at synagogues. The damage was done. At universities, Jewish students no longer publicize their activities out of fear, having come under the label of "oppressors", despite the facts that they didn't kidnap babies and murder grandmothers. Students are silent in the face of the violence of the Hamas terrorists. Many in the Jewish community, which is protected by law, do not feel they are protected by the law enforcers who have not reacted to calls for violence at pro-Palestinian rallies. Lord Wolfson calls for speaking out and prays for the safe return of all the hostages.

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