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Misinformation on social media - Understanding Gaza

2023-10-24 (#036)

Misinformation on social media, which is filled with rhetoric justifying Hamas' actions and demonizing Israel for defending its citizens. People claim Hamas' actions are excusable due to the "occupation" of Gaza. Israel, however, has not been not occupying Gaza since its 2005 withdrawal and giving over of the entire trip of land to the Palestians in a gesture for peace. After that handover, there was no blockade until 2007 when Hamas ws elected and violently took control of the Gaza Strip, persecuting minorities, executing political rivals and using international aid and equipment to attack Israeli citizens. At that stage, Israel, together with Egypt, established a blockade to prevent further terrorism. Nonetheless, international aid continued to be provided and Israel provided work visas for Gazans to come into Israel to work. Up until October 7th, there were 18,000 people coming into Israel daily. Many have denied the recent Hamas atrocities, using the antisemitic trope that Israel and the media are manipulating the media. Denying atrocities against the Jews has a disgusting history, including Holocaust denial. If you don't believe Israel, look at Hamas' own evidence: they showed maps of Israeli communities in the south incuding specific instructions to kill as many people as possible and kidnap civilians. Hamas chooses war time and again. Choosing to support Hamas is excusing violence, massacres and calls for genocide.

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