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Miss Iraq took one wrong selfie

2023-12-13 (209)

Sarah Idan, the former Miss Universe contestant,
snapped a selfie with Miss Israel during the 2017 competition and had to flee Iraq due to continuous death threats.

In Iraq, any connection with an Israeli - offline or online—results in a death sentence 😨
You’ve got to see it to believe it 🙏🏼

Sarai (Sarah Idan) سارة عيدان interview with @rob__schmitt @newsmax discussing antisemitism & anti-Israel sentiments on US campuses.

Miss Universe Iraq 2017 👸
Founder CEO @humanityforward 🧿

Video Transcription:

I continue to receive hate and anti semitism.

You were thrown out of your.

You were. Go ahead.

I'm not allowed to go back to Iraq.

The iraqi government have revoked my iraqi

citizenship, which is something they haven't even

done to the founder of ISIS.

He died with his iraqi citizenship.

And because I went and spoke at the UN

about all of this, you know violation of human rights, they

decided to pass a law for any Iraqi who

have any relations with Israel online or offline.

It's a death sentence.

That's a law in Iraq.

If you have a relationship with a

jew, they kill you in Iraq.

Any person from Israel which is basically mostly Jewish

And let me ask you one final question, Sarah.

I mean, your message to the, there's a

lot of people in this country, especially on

our college campuses, that think that Israel are

the bad guys, Palestinians are the good guys.

What have you learned about

that being somebody from Iraq?

Well, first of all, when I was in

Iraq, I worked for the US military.

So the kind of people that

Hamas are, were literally our enemies.

I dealt with them face to face and

they've always used Iraqis as human shields.

They did the same thing to us.

This is the ISIS, the salafi jihadist mentality.

It's not about fraying Palestinians.

It's about killing anyone who is not

Muslim or someone who does not obey.

And with Israel, it's very different because they

have special hatred for the jewish people.

And I think this is what the

people, sadly, on US campuses don't understand

because they are not from these areas.

And also because clearly we have

discovered that Qatar and the Muslim

Brotherhood are funding universities here.

They're giving hundred millions of dollars, they're

putting their own professors to brainwash the

people about what Israel is.

Yeah, terrifying.

We have terror money coming into our country through

our universities and they're paying for our groups, our

university groups that are the ones at Stanford making

everything so uncomfortable and everywhere else. Kevin?

Sarah, we got to leave it right there.

But thank you both.

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