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Pro Palestinian protest around the world are filled with anger, hate, malice and jealous.

2024-01-04 (259)

After more than 80 days of war, Nathaniel Buzolic and Dougles Murray sit down for a talk about their experiences from Israel

I’ve come to realize those who openly hate, openly lie and believe lies to justify their hate. If you look at any pro Palestinian protest around the world, one thing shapes their movement it is filled with anger, hate, malice and jealous. This isn’t about land or rights. This conflict is solely about a deep jealous that the Jewish people somehow survive and thrive under any circumstance.

@douglaskmurray is one of the most powerful voices of reason and truth in the midst of this worlds madness. His knowledge and understanding of this what is happening on the ground here in Israel is second to none.

Video Transcription:

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