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Reality check. Learn the difference between a lie and the truth

2023-10-19 (#015)

The difference between the truth and lies. They say that about 500 peple lost their live on the attack on the hospital. Nobody will receive an apology from Hamas or the Islamic Jihad for their negligence becase they are too intent on their goal of committing genocide of the Jewish people. Immediately pro-Palestinians jumped at the chance to blame Israel, providing the content that aims at making the consumer of the news burn with rage. But it was an Islamic Jihad rocket that landed on the hospital, a rocket intended for Jewish civilian in Israel, that misfired and killed its own people...They present content without context. They lie. There's a recording of 2 Hamas operatives discussing the event and revealing that the rocket was launched from a cemetery next to the hospital. They launch their rockets from school and hospitals because their shield is their own people. Those are the people you are speaking up for when you chant "Free free Palestine". What and who should Palestine be freed from? Maybe, just maybe, from Hamas and Islamic Jihad who have no issue with killing their own people and are more concerned with their war than with the people who have just died? Their goal is martyrdom and they will keep doing this until the world speaks up and silences their lies. They seek to create the narrative without truth, and the truth is that they don't care about their own people, and that's the base of the movement that has created so much momentum around the world. So if you really care about the Palestinian people, you now know where to stand.

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