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Shai Albrecht asks: What is the color of values? Spoiler: it's green

2023-12-13 (207)

U Penn's President Liz Magill claimed they "took no money from the Qatar government", and only received "some gifts" from a few Qatar students.
That "small number" is reportedly $300M, friends!

Qatar is the largest funder of US colleges since 9/11 – yes, the same Qatar heavily funding the HAMAS terror organization.
Qatar has given more than $5BN to colleges in the US - a level of funding that gives the right to install professorships.
A study in 2020 found a direct correlation between Qatar giving money to colleges and active pro-Palestinian groups on those campuses.

If you asked yourself where Antisemitism on campuses comes from, here's the answer:
US colleges prefer money over values, over leadership, over student safety, over the future of America.

Credit: Shai Albrecht @shaialbrecht

Video Transcription:

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