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The Gospel According to Berkeley. Meet the Palestinian Jesus

2023-12-27 (244)

A special Christmas sketch from Israeli satire show #eretznehederet (A Wonderful Country) featuring #brettgelman

Video Transcription:


what more visitors

I greetings Joseph and Miriam from

Nazareth the Star of Bethlehem and GPS

showed us the way to your door allow us

to introduce

ourselves we are three wise men from the

West okay um three wise

Persons Of course may we enter love the

decor very earthy yeah so sustainable oh

yes what are these walls Cadillac I'm

sorry but it's really late I just had a

baby yeah and we we already had a visit

from the three wise men from the East

they just left so maybe it's not a good

time all due respect to these Eastern

wise men we're from

Berkeley okay anyway they give us their

blessing and they told us that our

newborn son will be the king of the

Jews the Jews King Jews what what do you


Jews I don't see anything Jewish here

you have to understand Jews will only

come to this land

1,948 years from now as the colonialist

power oh I see someone's been listening

this semester true what do you mean we

are Jews no no you're not so what are we

you are Palestinians of

course that drip is fire Palace what

Palestinians the indigenous inhabitants

of this land in the beginning God

created the Heaven the Earth and

Palestinians oh wait so my baby is also


man of course and you don't practice

Judaism you practice Islam Allah abbar

man so abbar what is Islam I'm sorry

that's a very islamophobic question

actually it makes me feel unsafe so wait

a minute our baby will be the king of

the Palestinians exactly too bad he'll

be dead at a very young age because

he'll be murdered by the Jews oh my god

um excuse me Professor uh so there are

Jews living here I no no no no no no no

only Palestinians oh so the Palestinians

will kill Jesus no no no Palestinian

would ever hurt anyone never especially

not Hamas wait I don't understand okay

guys this is exactly what our next class

is about all right how did the Jews kill

Jesus without even existing it's going

to be fun all right don't worry about it

wow it's so worth 54 Grand a year in

tuition right exting

anyways congratulations on your

definitely not Jewish baby boy yay woo

can we go visit Santa in the north pole

north Palestine North Palestine Santa is

a Palestinian too Santa walk

bar very good ho ho


what the hell was that


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