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The Palestinians who are willing to talk

2023-12-10 (197)

CNN’s Jake Tapper brings you the amazing project “Whispers from Gaza” with the voices you won’t hear on Al-Jazeera

Video Transcription:

What we don't usually hear is what Palestinians

who live in Gaza actually think of Hamas

and what they actually think of the war.

That's why our next guest is here.

His name is Joseph Browday.

He's president of the center for Peace Communications.

And Joseph, your group has produced a

series of videos called Whispered in Gaza

featuring the voices of ordinary Palestinians.

Here's an example.

It's so important for the world to hear those voices.

Joseph, tell us more about how you recorded that

and what the purpose of your group is.

Well, the Center for Peace Communications is concerned

with amplifying voices that oppose extremist groups and

want a different future of partnership and peace

among themselves and including with their Israeli neighbors.

And there are a lot of Gazans, Jake, who oppose Hamas.

Some of them had the courage to

wage anti-Hamas street demonstrations in 2019.

And again as recently as July of

this year, they braved gunfire in prison.

But the world hasn't paid much attention to

them and they still want to be heard.

So we launched an initiative to interview

many Gazans across the Strip from all

walks of life and platformed them safely.

There are also a lot of Gazans who are

furious with the Israelis and hate the IDF.

And I don't want anyone to think

that I'm playing this or that.

Your project is about pretending otherwise, right?


And of course, it's possible to be anti

Hamas and anti-Israel at the same time.

Are very clear that they're angry at Hamas for

starting wars it can't win while hiding in tunnels

and leaving civilians to suffer the casualties.

Hamas tries to silence free expression in Gaza.

Watch this last clip.

It's from a journalist who tried

to cover an anti-Hamas demonstration.

I was working for foreign press agencies

because somebody needed to provide news coverage

while I was covering the event.

I was beaten.

My hand was broken, my cell phone

was broken, my camera was broken.

Our household was mistreated.

My entire extended family, a lot of them, any member

of my family they got a hold of was jailed.

They beat and abused them.

They put nails in their feet.

Tough stuff there.

I mean, there is not a free press in Gaza.

That's right.

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