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The real question today is: what would you do when you are raped and burned?

2023-12-18 (217)

I met families of hostages in Brussels. They told me about life in a kibbutz. Before October 7, they had a life, indeed. Since then, it has become hell because their loved ones were kidnapped or killed in the most barbaric way. Intentionally massacred and never to return. Because they are Jews. Hunted like animals, especially the women. And slaughtered as if they were nothing. Even animals have rights today Some know that their loved ones are in Gaza. A woman told me about her kidnapped sister. How do you go on with your life? Imagine yourself in their place. That your house was entered, the place you call home. And this kidnapped girl, what do you think Hamas is doing to her now? But it seems this violence leaves the world so indifferent. No one wants war But whatever we demand of the Israelis, let us first put ourselves in their place. Let’s always remember the intention. The clear intention to massacre someone because they are Jewish. Where is the world, where is Europe going if such hatred and indifference is permitted? Where is the United Nations going, whose role was to be the beacon of the world? The cowardice of keeping silent because the women who were killed are Jewish. Where are we going when so many of our top politicians tolerate the actions of an Islamic terrorist group and build their careers on the failure of integration in our countries? An attitude that brings this danger and anti-Semitism to our doorstep? Yes, we need a two-state solution. Yes, a life without war is better. But the real question today is: what would you do when you are raped and burned? Think of your loved ones with whom you will soon be spending Christmas. Would you leave them in Gaza? In the hands of Hamas? I hope and wish that we never have to answer that question. Assita

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