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The suffering of innocent people has to stop❗️

2023-10-29 (#054)

Innocent people in Gaza are suffering and the number of deaths is rising. Unfortunately, conveying Western morals and values on the conflict is not realistic. Morals around the world in places such as Brazil, Sudan, Nigeria, Iran and Afghanistan are different. They act according to what they've been taught. Hamas' morals consist of civilian murder and kidnapping (awarding prizes for kidnapping), stomping on people's faces, decapitation, raping women (including dead women) and killing babies although this is against Muslim laws. They're willing to sacrifice everything, including their own people, in order to achieve their goal of eradicating all Israeli Jews. Their defense tactics: Hamas fighters shield themselves in underground tunnels under civilian areas, putting their headquarters under Gaza's biggest and main hospital. They stole fuel from the U.N. base in order for the tunnels to have ventilation and power. They manufacture rockets and keep them in the tunnels, and then launch them from civilian areas such as schools, mosques and even U.N. buildings. Their rockets are poorly designed and some backfire. Only about 5% directly hit civilians in Israel. In the first 2 weeks of the war, Hamas launched over 7200 missiles. How can they afford all this? Gaza receives billions of dollars from the U.N., Qatar, Iran and a variety of humanitarian organizations around the world. It all goes to Hamas and Hamas chooses what to do with the money. This does not include electricity, water and fuel, medecine, food and cement all of which they have got from Israel on a regular base for the past 16 years. All of that could have been used for the wellbeing of the Gazan civilians. Israel, on the other hand, seeks to protect its civilians with Iron Dome and shelters, but missiles still hit civilians. Missile launching from Gaza must be stopped! But the launching sites are underground and in civilian areas, so Israel, in an attempt to avoid civilian casualties, calls the people, send messages and broadcasts on TV 24 hours before to warn them of the time and the location of the airstrike to come and advising them to leave. Most Israelis have only 15 seconds...In the current war, Israel has also designated safe areas where civilians can get electricity, water and fuel. 120,000 Israelis were displaced from their homes, as were resident of Northern Gaza trying to flee. But Hamas blocked them physically with trucks and soldiers, sometimes killing those attempting to go south for "submitting to Israel's orders". If Israel stops bombing, Hamas will continue their land attack and Israelis will continue to die. How many Israelis? According to Hamas charter: all of them. Therefore, Israel can't wait for them to fight morally or fairly or to respect another ceasefire after they violated the last 4, or to care about the Gazan people after having sacrificed them for the past 16 years. Israel must stop Hamas!

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