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These are the people who stand in solidarity with Palestine.

2023-11-15 (#128)

When you are standing in solidarity with Palestine, make sure you take a close look at who’s standing next to you.

Video Transcription:

You know how much when I come out in front of you all I have to bite my tongue?

You know how much I want to go off?

Hi, I'm a Jew and I went undercover at a Palestinian rally.

Here's what they had to say.

So why are you guys here today?

To show that UNLV students support Palestine.

What are your thoughts on Hamas?

Hamas? Hamas is Israel.

I believe the October 7th attack was done by Israel.

Yes, I think it was definitely planned.

What would you say to Jewish people who are part of the Israeli movement

that feel like it's part of their home as well?

They need to study more because, you know,

the people that funded the Holocaust is the same people

that are doing the same thing to the Palestinian people.

I believe a lot of the terror things that are happening in this world is Israeli.

Do you think Hamas is a resistance?


Not a terrorist organization?

Not at all.


It's impossible for Hamas to cause that much damage.

It's reasonable to say that the IDF caused all the damage,

most of the damage in that concert during October 7th.

What do you think is the main issue in this conflict?

I think the Israel state shouldn't exist in the first place, honestly.

Do you think Hamas has a place in Palestine?

I don't think any terrorist organization should be brought up in this conversation.

Regardless of what Hamas is doing,

you can't deny that they've got reasoning behind it.

The oppressors have all the power and the violence,

so any revolutionary action taken against them can't be violent.

Zero Jews live in Gaza, but two million live in Israel.

So it's kind of...

Maybe we should be doing time.

Netanyahu and Hitler are the same.

Netanyahu and Hitler are the same.

The only difference is their name.

The only difference is their name.
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