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This is what Hamas's psychological terror looks like!

2023-11-09 (#099)

Gil Dickman, cousin of Carmel Gat who was kidnapped by Hamas and is calling for her release, responds to allegations that Hamas has claimed it will release all of the hostages in exchange for Israel releasing all the Palestinian prisoners and that the Israeli government has refused. Gil believes that is not true because he does not trust Hamas, the terror group that murdered his aunt. He asks Hamas not to spread propaganda and to provide proof that the hostages are alive, after which a dialog can begine. Gil believes that Israelis and Palestinians can live together peacefully despite all that happened, but terrororism must be wiped out and we need to support life and all the hostages should be brought home.

Video Transcription:

As we know, Hamas has released just

a handful of hostages so far.

But it has offered to release all of

the hostages in exchange for Israel setting free

or the militants it has imprisoned.

However, the Israeli government has refused that offer.

Do you feel that's the right decision?

I must tell you, I don't know if it's true.

I don't know.

I'm not sure it's true.

I know that Hamas is spreading propaganda

saying that this is what they want.

But I don't trust Hamas.

I don't trust a terror group that murdered my aunt.

I don't trust a terror group that won't even

tell us if Komel or Yarden are alive.

I can't trust them, and I can't

trust what they put out for us.

They were actually sending me a message

saying this, saying what you said.

I can't really believe them until I see with

my eyes that Kamel and Yarden are safe.

If Hamas can hear me right

now, please don't spread propaganda.

Just show us and show all the hostages, all the

kidnapped that you took, and show the pictures of them,

show us that they're alive, then we can talk.

I understand.

There's so much anger, so much heartache right now

for you, your family, for people on both sides.

Do you believe that it is possible

for Jewish people and Palestinians to coexist

peacefully after everything that's happened?

I must tell you, I do. I do believe.

And Carmel also believes that.

She believed that throughout her life.

And I think while she's there, she still believes it.

We don't believe in blood.

We don't believe in revenge.

We don't believe in terror.

Terror organizations cannot exist, but people and

human beings can exist together, and we

can live in peace in Israel.

And I think all over the world, I think it's possible.

And I think the first step towards it is to

support life, to bring back life to where they belong.

And first of all, babies, women, elderly people,

they should be back in their home.

Thank you so much for speaking to us today.

Really appreciate it. Wish you all the best.

Gildigman, cousin of Carmel Gatz,

who was kidnapped by Hamas. Thank you.

Thank you very much.

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