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Thousands dead and still counting! Well, let's talk about numbers

2023-10-30 (#065)

This should not be a game of numbers: did anyone count the number of dead civilians in World War II? But more important, you need to remember that Hamas, who is providing numbers, also claimed 500 people were killed in the Al Ahdi Hospital hit "by Israeli air raid" (proven to be false) and stole fuel from the Gazan people to power their tunnels instead of giving it to hospitals. Hamas has denied killing civilians although they published their own footage, taken from their own go-pro cameras and proudly displayed it all on social media. Hamas say they've run out of water but continue to fire missiles, and Hamas has its headquarters underneath Gaza's biggest hospital. So do you still trust their numbers? The media sources that automaticalyy published the numbers did so without checking their sources and are now forced to admit they were wrong. Moreover, Hamas, who provides the numbers, is known by multiple countries around the world to be a terrorist group (except the BBC). Why believe Hamas who claims that Israel is ethnically cleansing Palestinians, when the number of Palestinians is constantly on the rise? In Israel, there is coexistence with Muslims and Arabs. After October 7th, Bedouins, Druze and Christian Arabs declared their will to fight alongside Israel, the UAE and Saudi Arabia condemned Hamas, Egypt closed its borders and Jordan is restraining Palestinian demonstrations. Believe in Israel, condemn Hamas and free the Palestinians!

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