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Time To Go At It. Please Join Us!

2023-10-20 (#017)

Ran Harnevo is a Tech Entrepreneur. 7 months ago he started a small digital outlet together with other entrepreneurs, creators, directors to help the fight for Israeli democracy. They managed to create a worldwide audience but on October 7th, everything stopped. Indeed, Israel experienced a genocide on that day and Ram and his partners decided to divert all the infrastructure used for the protest movements to helping Israeli society in this time of crisis. They launched a new brand called Tikva International. The word "tikva" means hope and is the name of the Israeli national anthem based on the idea that the country represents everything that is good and everything it stands for. The goal of Tikva International is to allow people to become part of the "hasbara", the fight to explain Israel's position in English and a variety of other languages and is available on all the social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Instagram. The goal is to fight for justice, explain what happened in Israel and for many people to become ambassadors for that cause and spread the word all around the social ecosystem The war in Israel is not only a physical one; it's also a war for public opinion and Israel is in the right!

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