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Time to separate the Palestinian cause from Hamas cause❗

2023-10-29 (#056)

Mosab Hassan Yussef is the eldest son of one of the co-founders of Hamas who worked alongside his father during his formative years and was therefore able to get a good insight into Hamas. Mosab tells Pierce Morgan that Hamas has one goal: to annihilate the State of Israel. Hamas does not accept Israel's right to exist. When asked why he left Hamas, Mosab says he always questioned Hamas' brutality and abuse of power. Mosab was imprisoned in Israel for 27 months, and saw Hamas torturing and killing 100s of their own people within the Israeli prisons, and he began to wonder what would happen if Hamas got ruling power, and when that happened many years later, Mosab wasn't surprised at their brutality. Regarding October 7th, he was surprised by the scale of the attack, the wiping out of entire communities, messing with the most powerful country in the region, a nuclear power, a country with the trauma of the Holocaust. Hamas, he says, opened the gates of Hell on the Palestinian people, which just shows how irresponsible they are and how willing they are to sacrifice Palestinian children and use the Palestinian community to achieve their ideological agenda. It is important to make a separation between the Palestinian cause and the sick Hamas cause. Mosab claims Hamas needs to be removed from power. When asked how many of the Gazans support Hamas, Mosab says there will be celebrations and they will thank Israel once Hamas is removed because Gazans are suffering under Hamas' lust for power and political ambitions. He also believes that war is the only way to peace. Israel and the free world have no choice but to fight and put an end to Hamas. The blood of the dead civilians is on the hands of Hamas. Morgan says that pro-Palestinians refute that idea and blame Israel for everything. Mosab replies that people coming from London or elsewhere in the world have no right to tell him what the struggle of the Palestinian children is, saying that Palestinian society has been hjacked by criminals. It's a fact that Hamas uses civilians as human shields and it's a fact that Israel warns civilians to evacuate buildings before it strikes. Israel is a democracy, Israel is accountable, Israel does not seek to kill Palestinians and despite Israel's enormous power, it does not attempt to abuse it. We need to stop blaming Israel for things we invited upon our own heads, he says. All those protesters around the world calling to free Palestine, don't know what Palestine is. Mosab says HE is Palestine and Hamas and its corrupt leadership is killing his people. He doesn't want a Palestinian state! Palestinian children need education, security, life, not another corrupt Arab regime. When asked if the right way to get rid of Hamas is by aerial bombardments, Mosab says Hamas will be got rid of, that Hamas has not only brought the wrath of Israel upon it, but the wrath of God. We will destroy them and bring them to justice and the world will witness their punishment and everyone who takes their side will regret the killing of the Palestinian people.

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