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To All Western Feminists

2023-11-23 (#147)

Today, I have a question. A pressing question. For some Western feminists.
How can you remain silent, when women and girls are raped, tortured, their bodies carried around naked and spat on by bearded men shouting Allah Akbar?
Then you can never call yourself a feminist again.
Every day, including today, some Western hypocritical feminists should be ashamed of their silence on the horror that Hamas men inflicted to women and girls on 7 October.
And that includes big names we were once proud of.
Why are their lips sealed and their hearts of stone when it comes to the excruciating pain of Jewish women?
The MeToo movement and so-called intersectional feminists do not care about all women.
If they remain silent, it means they have lied to us about their commitment to women's rights.
Their actions support the oppressor, not the victims.
Also the EU money does.
Those who say nothing about these women and the hostages, should not be standing here and speaking about human rights.
When you are under attack by terrorists, a cease fire is like raising your hands when you are being shot at.
Perhaps it is worth considering that a real lasting cease fire will start with bringing back all the hostages to their homes and the rapists to justice.
Assita Kanko

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