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US public schools allegedly teach antisemitism

2023-12-21 (237)

Free Press investigation reveals troubling antisemitic teachings in U.S. public schools, including the "Brown University Choices Program," which allegedly indoctrinates one million secondary school students across all 50 states.
The report exposes a curriculum portraying Israel as a "Zionist enterprise in Palestine," an "apartheid state," a "settler colony," and a military occupier. A journalist at the Free Press, Francesca Block, joins “On Balance” to share her reporting.

Video Transcription:

half of Young Americans half of Young

Americans support Hamas in the war

against Israel that brought chance like

this to high schools around America

from the river to the sea Palestine will be free

from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean

Sea that eliminates Israel where would

kids learn that? well, the Free Press

found some answers about where they're

Lear it how us Public Schools teach

anti-Semitism from prek lessons on

ethnic noses to lectures on Israel as an

apartheid state students are learning

that Jews are the enemy the article is

written by Franchesca block it exposes

Brown University's choices program

educates students on how Israel is a

Zionist Enterprise in Palestine an

apartheid state a settler Colony a

military occupier this is being taught

in all 50 states to a million Secondary

School students so now the chance makes

sense images out of California on your left

Gaza on your right, while American

students aren't being taught Guerilla

Warfare to kill Israelis while they're

still in kindergarten that happens in

Gaza both sets of children are learning

to hate Jews. this is an interview we had

last week with a father from Connecticut

whose son had to switch schools because

he was being bullied for being Jewish

we got uh uh mean text messages

that were very unfriendly that accused

us of causing the problem as if it was

our fault that someone had said to my

son you should go to Camp Auschwitz

exterminate all of the Jews, the school

administration not only tried to buy our

silence they tried to buy my son's silence

Franchesca block reporter at the

Free Press joins us now Franchesca

congrats on the Great Piece we

appreciate it they can find it uh on my

Twitter account and I know uh on the uh as well question to you

what happened to teaching kids 2 plus 2

equals 4 in kindergarten

thanks so much for having

me on and that is a great question

question um what I can tell you is that

right now what we're seeing in public

schools in America is new curriculum

which encourages students to divide the

world in a simplistic binary, to divide

the world between the oppressor and the

oppressed and this is having profound

consequences for Jews for Jewish

students a recent poll just came out

that said

67% of young people aged 18 to 24 now

view Jews as oppressors as the oppressor

class and believe they should be treated

as such and that's not too far away from

many of the anti-semitic tropes that

have plagued Jews for hundreds of years

H uh this is uh from California 10th

grade history course approved by the

Santa Ana Unified School District from

your reporting includes readings that

call Israel an extremist illegal Jewish

set settler population and accuse the

country of ethnic cleansing uh the

Unified School District our goal is to

ensure that our curriculum offers

balanced and multiple perspectives from

all groups involved in the Israel

Palestinian conflict we aim to achieve

this through an ongoing dialogue with

community members by utilizing

historical and academic content that

aderes to All State Department of

Education guidelines um that seems to

say something just not answering the

actual question did you find balance in

this I I can't try to figure out what

the balance to Israel is a you know

apartheid state that engages in ethnic

cleansing and an illegal Jewish settler

population that that's exactly right

many Jewish

parents families organizations that were

involved in opposing this curriculum

brought out that exact point that it

doesn't come across as balanced and that

it does paint this one-sided perspective

that is again leading to these ideas that

real quick forgive me forgive me

for interrupting you um but I I want to

be fair about this this isn't just rogue teachers, right?

in some cases it is in Oakland for

example teachers they organized a

teaching in their schools that was not

approved by the district in which they

gave lessons about the Israeli

Palestinian conflict that were not

approved um but in Santa Ana for example

this is actually a course that was

approved by the school board and there's

actually now a pending lawsuit against

the school board for um approving this

curriculum parents and the ADL actually

are involved as well as the brandise

center in saying that they didn't go

through the correct processes to get

this curriculum approved

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