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Using civilians as human shields by terror organizations to manipulate the media

2023-10-30 (#063)

A retired soldier from the US Army Special Forces who fought against Islamic terror all across the Middle East refuses to report about civilian casualty numbers within the Gaza Strip because all the Jihadist groups like to use civilians for cover, aka human shields. They kidnap children and keep them close to their rockets and send those rockets from civilian structures such as schools and hospitals. Besides arming children with actual weapons, they also give fake weapons to young children, hoping that someone will shoot them. They have training camps for children from the age of 5 where they teach them to go out and hunt and kill Israelis. It's easy to look at the bodies of the dead children without looking at the total picture, and furthermore, Hamas is not a reliable source and anybody reporting numbers from inside Gaza has a very biased agenda or a distorted view of the situation.

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