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What proportion response by Israel actually means?

2023-10-23 (#028)

No electricity, no fuel, no running water, no food going into Gaza, borders with Egypt closed (for which there is little crtiticism), as well as missiles raining down on buildings knowing that there will be civilian casualties. The broadcaster asks whether this a reasonable, proportionate, moral response by Israel. Douglas Murray responds and claims there is a deep perversion in Britain when it come to Israel. Only Britian is obsessed with this. Proportionality and conflict rarely exist,but if it did, retaliation for Hamas' actions should be such: Israel should try to locate a music festival in Gaza and rape the same number of women, kill the same number of young people, find a town the same size as Sderot and kill the same number of babies, shoot in the head the same number of elderly people...proportionality n conflict is a joke and the British concept is that only the Israelis are expected to have a proportionate response after being attacked. The dfference between the Western way of war and that of the Hamas terrorists is that the objective of Hamas is to kill innocent people while that of civilized democracies is to kill as few innocent people as possible. The IDF does everything possible to protect Israeli civilians which Hamas uses its civilians to try to protect Hamas. Israel does its best to limit civilian casualties but afterthe atrocities committed by Hamas, this will change

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