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Who is behind the Pro Palestinians protest in America?

2023-11-11 (#110)

Who is behind the pro-Palestinian rallies across the U.S.? Inestigative journalist Asran Nomani she says that there is a multi-million orchestrated campaign of Muslim organizations behind the protests. Those organizations have embedded themselves in the West and are directly linked with the Party for Socialism and Liberation and the Workers' World Organization, which are far left parties. These parties which are against America, the West and Israel are backed by a multi-million dollar network of organizations with an ideology that has infiltrated the schools and created an upside down world where the victims of the October 7th massacre are depicted as the aggressors.

Video Transcription:

Pro Palestinian rallies popping up on the streets

and on college campuses across the US.

Who's behind them?

NTD's Cindy Dru Kier spoke with an expert on

Islamic terrorism, Asran Omani, to take a deep dive.

Investigative journalist and author Asran Nomani tells NTD

that behind the pro Palestinian protest in America

is a multi million dollar orchestrated campaign.

Muslim organizations that have now embedded themselves in

the west, and they are the ones unleashing

these protesters against Israel and Jews onto the

streets and into the campuses.

What we have is a

multimillion dollar orchestrated campaign.

And I'm speaking to you from

the trenches of those efforts. In the streets.

Nomani shows NTD posters she picked up

following a pro Palestinian rally last Saturday.

And you get the signs from the river

to the sea, Palestine will be free.

But what was the chant that they said in Arabic?

Philistine Al Arabia, which means Palestine is

Arab from the river to the sea.

So they have code.

And who organized this one?

The Islamist groups. U. S.

Palestinian Community Network.

One of the many Islamist groups

that believe in political Islam.

And who have they aligned with? Them.

This is what's so critical.

You have to see the fine print as you know,

as a journalist stand with Palestine and the occupation.


They use these big words.

Who is it that sponsored this?

The Party for Socialism and Liberation.

Socialism and Liberation.

That's the far left.

And who are they?

Multimillion dollar global networks that are trying to infuse

the socialist far left agenda into our nation.

They are aligned.

Then look at this one.

We're going to break the fourth wall here.

Workers World Party.

The far left communist Organization.

Nomani calls the protesters a woke army against

America, the West and Israel, unleashed by a

multi million dollar network of organizations.

This ideology that has infused our schools.

And what they have done is they are using the

talking points of the oppression matrix, the privileged bingo.

That our poor children have had to experience in our

school systems, so that now it's an upside down world

in which Jews are the occupiers, the colonists and the

aggressors, and there is no mention of them as victims

as happened in the October 7.

You can watch the full interview with Nomani

on NTD's International National Reporters Roundtable, a deep

dive into global news with a panel of

dedicated journalists and experts from around the world

on Saturday at 07:00 p.m.

Eastern time.

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