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Why am I against a ceasefire in Gaza?

2023-11-06 (#091)

Benjamin Butterworth is against a ceasefire with Hamas after having seen the raw footage of Hamas terrorist actions on Octoer 7th. This included clips of babies killed in Mickey Mouse pajamas, children witnessing an explosive thrown at their father, a recording of a Hamas terrorist gleefully bragging to his parents about having killed 10 Jews. From the comfort and security of their homes in the U.K., 76% of people want Israel to agree to a ceasefire, but the Israelis as well as some Palestinians are confronted with an evic, barbaric terrorist organization on their doorstep. Ceasefires freeze conflicts, do nothing to resolve them, and the Hamas leadership has officially declared that they would repeat the October 7th atrocities again and again. A ceasefire would be a victory for the terrorists.

Video Transcription:

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