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Why are we blaming Israel?

2023-11-01 (#072)

Donny Deutsch says Israel seems to be on trial. On October 7th every inhumane thing that can be done was perpetrated by Hamas whose only mission is to eliminate Israel and all Jews. Israel is forever under scrutiny and asked to use restraint. On the college campuses, the rhetoric was elevated after Israel was attacked. One of the several messages on the Cornell bulletin board: "if you see a Jewish person on campus, follow them home and slit their throats. Rats need to be eliminated from Cornell." It's about the Antisemitism that is surfacing in America. Holocaust studies are part of the school curriculum and children usually ask how it happened. Here we have a tangible illustration of how it happened. Jews feel it and are terrified. It's everywhere. Faculty members of Columbia endorsed students who said the militants had a right to do what they did. Evil is not graded the same way when its against Jews and Israel. It's simply Antisemitism. Silence is complicity but it's not just silence: it's the marching for Hamas, for terrorists. University presidents aren't coming out and saying it's wrong. You can have empathy for the Palestinians and also say that slaughtering, beheading, burning babies and murdering is not humanity. But there's a bias against the plight of Israel even after 1400 civilians were slaughtered over an 8 and a half hour period on October 7th. Since then Israel has been on the defensive. In wars, innocent civilians get hurt and Hamas, just like the Nazis and ISIS, has to be taken out. The dislike for Jews makes their being hurt or slaughtered different, they "have it coming to them". Why can't the media simply lay things out evenly, report fairly? Israel is not perfect but it is a civilized democracy and Israelis want to live in peace. Hamas doesn't.

Video Transcription:

Related to the permission structure.

It's not just silence.

And I'm confused about this.

I'm going to get to this in a second.

Is that Israel seems to be on

trial, which I don't understand, that Israel.

People are saying ceasefire, and of course, none of us

want violence, but there was a ceasefire on October 6.

And since that time, we know what happened October 7.

Beheading, raping, every inhumane thing that you can

do, ripping babies out of mother's wombs.

And since then, it's eight and a half hours

of sustained violence against a civilian population and by

a group whose only mission is not real estate

and it's not protecting Palestinian people.

They put their own people in harmway.

They use them as shields.

They've stolen billions of dollars of aid

from the humanitarian aid from them.

Their only mission is to

eliminate Israel, eliminate all Jews. That's it.

That's their mission.

And yet, constantly, Israel seems to be on

the defensive about explaining what they now, obviously,

Israel has to be very careful and it's

got to do things surgically.

But no other group goes through this scrutiny.

I mean, Joe Scarborough, our dear friend, had an

amazing talk the other morning where he said, can

you imagine if Mexico came in and Mexico had

just did the same thing to us?

Would people be saying, Restraint, restraint?

And I also wonder this is going to

bring me back to the college campuses.

All the pro Palestinian where were

the pro Palestinian chants when Palestinians

have been oppressed in other areas?

Is this pro Palestinian or is this

simply anti Jewish and anti Israel?

Which comes back to the campus and what's happening

at the same time after Jews were attacked?

It's elevated.

And I need to read the

things because it's not just rhetoric.

This is what was on the

Cornell bulletin board last night.

If you see a Jewish person on campus,

follow them home and slit their throats.

Rats need to be eliminated from Cornell. Another one.

If you see another Jew on campus, if you see a

pig male Jew, I will stab you and slit your throat.

If I see another pig female Jew, I will drag you

away and rape you and throw you off a cliff.

And it goes on and on and on.

There's a level of hatred.

And I want to draw the line back to why

Israel is in the defensive position after being attacked.

Because it's about anti Semitism and it's about the hate

towards Jews that is now surfacing in this country.

So I have a school age child who's

learning about the Holocaust, and I think the

Holocaust is taught as part of this commitment,

right, that it should never happen again.

And it usually lists questions, and it's usually

part of a curriculum, usually makes people ask,

especially young people, how did this happen?

How did people not do anything?

I think we have this real

tangible illustration of how it happened.

It's so heartbreaking.

Every Jew I know is calling me and

terrified for the first time in their life.

Being Jewish.

They feel it.

When you are a generation away from the

Holocaust, from the annihilation of 6 million Jews

being Jews, there's something that goes from generation

to generation, and people are feeling something in

their stomachs in this country they've never felt

before, and they're terrified.

And I mean, just on the way here, somebody

sent me a SWAST sticker that was drawn on

a little candy store, a little shop in Montauk.

It's every day. It's everywhere.

Columbia just came out, and there are hundred

faculty members endorsed students who said the militants

had a right to do what they did.

They didn't even call them

terrorists that are mosque militants.

There is something that for some reason, evil

is not graded the same way when it's

against Jews and it's against Israel.

And I don't understand that. I do, actually.

I do understand it. What is it?


There's something about that.

For some reason, Jews as a group, as a minority.

There's 15 million in the world.

There would have been 250,000,000 without the Holocaust,

for some reason, since the beginning of time.

And I'm actually getting upset.

It's somehow okay to go after these people

in a way that no other people.

I'm not a history student.

I just know the history.

We talk a lot about silence as complicity in

our politics, and the weakness and cowardice of Republicans

to call out someone who isn't just far to

the right, but lurching toward autocratic tools and toolkits.

In some ways, the silence here

is more shocking to the system.

It's not just silence.

It's the marching for Hamas, marching

for terrorists, and it's just endorsed.

And university presidents have a hard time

coming out and saying that's wrong.

There are two truths at once.

You can have empathy for the

Palestinian people's plight, and also unequivocally,

say, murdering and slaughtering and beheading

and burning, burning babies beheading.

This is not humanity.

And yet there is this dance, this thing.

And whereas I don't understand why absolute

evil well, let me just pull back.

I mean, I think everyone's struggling with it, right?

Because I think there is a feeling

that I showed the pictures of the

baby because they influenced US policy, us.

Foreign policy.

Tony Blankham saw them on his trip.

The Israeli government released the photos.

I will never unsee the photos.

I've had nightmares about the photos since I saw them.

There's a couple levels of this.

There's a horror of that.

And there's also what you're talking about.

There's such an anti Israeli bias

because their domestic politics under Netanyahu.

Netanyahu needs to go, by the way. Correct.

And I think US foreign policy experts think that

he may not be there, but there is this

real bias against the plight of Israel even in

the wake of 1400, primarily civilians being slaughtered over

an eight and a half hour period.

Mutilated, slaughtered, raped in front

of their children and husbands.

And what has Israel since then been on

the defensive, explaining every move they make.

And obviously, like any human, we want to

do everything we can to protect every life. Of course.

But they're in a war, and innocent civilians are going

to be hurt, just like innocent Germans were hurt.

But you still got to take out the Nazis.

You got to take out ISIS, and Hamas has

to be taken out, and there's no other answer.

You can't live next door to people whose entire

mission is to annihilate you and destroy you.

And people in this country are cheering, and the

media is just kind of tippy toeing around it.

People are scared.

People are scared of being canceled.

People, you can cancel me.

Cancel me, all right?

I got nothing to be canceled.

I'm just saying there is a climate where

I haven't touched the college campus story.

It's been going on for three weeks.

There is a chill.

I'll just say it. There's a chill.

Why is that?

Because people feel the hatred and they see it, and

the chill is why are people not talking about it?

That's a question for scholars over time.

I'll tell you.

The answer is that Jews are treated different than

other groups, that there's a dislike, that there is

somehow that Jews being hurt or being slaughtered is

different than other people being hurt, that somehow they

have it coming to them.

Yeah, I said it.

That's what this is about.

It's sick, and it's sad.

And I feel like until I'm sorry that I pressed, like,

until it's all out there, we can't and I don't know

why The New York Times and CNN, who are so quick

to blame Israel, and you know what their source was?


They're getting their information from Hamas.

And I don't know why the media

just can't lay things out evenly.

Nobody's asking you to side with either side.

Just report it fairly.

Report honestly, and report one group that is

pure evil and the other group, like us.

Israel is a civilized they're very imperfect,

just like we are, but they're a

civilized, human, value driven democracy.

Every mother of a hostage that

I interviewed said, I'm not political.

I want to live in peace next to my neighbors.

They didn't have political agenda.

Israelis want to live in peace.

Hamas doesn't.

Hamas is not fighting for peace.

They're fighting for death.

They don't want peace for their own people.

This is just so black and white stuff.

There's no gray areas here.

And the media is like, well, not anymore. Not here.

Thank you. Thank you.

I think you gave voice to something that I've

heard a lot for the last three weeks.

Thank you very much.

A quick break for us. We'll be right back.

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