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Woke leaders posing as ‘moral superiors’ exposed as ‘real lowlifes’

2024-01-02 (255)

Spiked Online chief political reporter Brendan O’Neill warns there has been a “complete collapse” of moral authority in the West from the “woke left” since the Hamas attack on October 7.

Actor and broadcaster Stephen Fry came under fire on social media for calling out the surge in anti-Semitism in the United Kingdom in his heartfelt Christmas message.

“What is my message this Christmas? Simple truth that we are all brothers and sisters. It's naive, but it's as good a message as any other,” Fry said.

Mr O’Neill condemned people who took offence to the actor’s message and pointed out the rise of anti-Semitism since Hamas’ attack on October 7.

“The kind of people who posed as our moral superiors for the past few decades have been exposed as real lowlifes, I think, who don't actually care about racism, don't care about equality, certainly don't care about Jewish people, and are only interested in using so-called anti-racism as a way of fortifying their own cultural power over society,” he told Sky News host James Macpherson.

“They really stand exposed and I think the fallout from the Fry video really demonstrates that even further.”

Video Transcription:

well while King Charles was giving his

Christmas message on the BBC Steven fry

was invited to give the alternate

Christmas message on channel four the

much loved British actor explained that

he had Jewish Heritage and asked his

fellow Brits to exercise tolerance for

each other no matter their race or

religion have a

listen but whatever our opinions on what

is happening there can be no excuse for

the behavior of some of our

citizens since October the 7th there

have been 50 separate reported incidents

of anti-Semitism every single day in

London alone an increase of

1,350 according to the Metropolitan

Police so what is my message this

Christmas the simple truth that we're

all brothers and sisters it's naive but

it's as good a message as any

other let's bring in spiked Chief

political writer Brendan o Neil Brendan

I would have thought that was all pretty

good stuff and yet as a result of that

rather benign Christmas message Steven

fry has received the most vile abuse

what on Earth is going on in

England yeah you think no one could take

offense at a message like that you know

Steven fry is famously a National

Treasure here he's very Gentile he's

he's quite Posh he's loved widely across

the country and then he does this

alternative Christmas message on the

scourge of anti-semitism

and the woke mob went absolutely bananas

they went crazy they went on the

internet they called him every name

under the sun words I could never repeat

on a show like this uh they called him a

narcissist they said he's a genocide

apologist in reference to Israel's war

with herass they really went for the

jugular with Steven fry and these are

the kind of people who pose as

anti-racists who think everything is

racist if you ask ask someone where are

you from apparently that's a racial

microaggression if you say anything

critical about Islam apparently that's

islamophobia these people see racism

everywhere except when it's staring them

in the face and there has been a severe

rise in anti-Semitism in Britain over

the past 10 weeks and these people just

don't want to know they say they care

about racism but when it comes to

anti-jewish racism they either turn away

or they actually justify it as a form of

opposition to Israel yeah well it seems

like the only form of racism that is

permitted and racism is terrible but

when it comes to to anti-Semitism

somehow everybody just shrugs their

shoulders and lets that go but how is it

that he can just simply warn people that

anti-Semitism is not a great thing and

yet for his reward receive abuse doesn't

that prove his point that anti-Semitism

is rife you can't even warn against it

yeah it's so interesting isn't it you

know I think since Hams's pogram of the

7th of October we've witnessed something

really striking in the west I think

which is the complete collapse of the

moral authority of the woke left and the

woke Elites you know these are the kind

of people who for years have posed as

caring and loving and wonderful people

who just want equality and just want

everyone to be treated fairly and nicely

we now know uh courtesy of the barbarism

of 7th of October what a myth that was

because they have made excuses for the

pogram of the 7th of October they've

said it was a form of resistance there's

one journalist here in Britain who it a

day of Celebration uh and since then

they have turned a blind eye to Soaring

an levels of anti-Semitism in Britain

and other countries in Europe as well

here in the UK there have been 50

anti-semitic attacks a day in London

alone that is Crisis level racism and

they've turned a blind eye to that as

well and then when Steven Fry tried to

raise the alarm Bells about it they made

fun of him on the internet and they

denounced him so the kind of people

who've posed as our moral superiors for

the past few decades have been exposed

as real low lives I think who don't

actually care about racism don't care

about equality certainly don't care

about Jewish people and are only

interested in using so-called

anti-racism as a way of fortifying their

own cultural power over Society so they

really stand exposed and I think the fry

uh The Fallout from the fry video really

demonstrates that even further just

before we move on I want to ask you one

more question on this topic you wrote

regarding the Steven fry Fiasco that

confronting islamists and woke

anti-semites is the pressing issue of

our time now I agree with you but can

you talk to me about this Nexus between

islamists and the woke left because they

would seem to have nothing at all in

common and yet they obviously do how

does that

work yeah they do you know in France

they refer to it as the Islam left you

know in France uh there are some still

still some intellectuals and politicians

who are willing to confront this strange

Nexus as you describe it and I think the

Islam left is is a woke left that has

become very sympathetic to radical Islam

and as you say it's very strange but I

do think they share some things in

common both sides are very hostile to

Western civilization we know that lots

of young people in the west are now

educated to turn their backs on Western

Civilization to reject the dead white

men of of enlightenment and to reject uh

uh White authors and so on and so forth

they're encouraged to see Western

Civilization as a racist construct

essentially and of course radical

islamists hate Western Civilization as

well um they both also think that

islamophobia is a crime that should be

punishable anyone who criticizes Islam

uh should be punished that the work left

calls it islamophobia and the islamists

call it blasphemy but this it's the same

thing they want to silence their critics

and I think they both have a problem

with Jews you know uh radical islamists

are upfront about their anti-Semitism

including Hamas they're vant

anti-semitic whereas the woke left

prefers to attack the Jewish State and

to focus its hatred on Israel but both

of them have a problem with Jewish

people so there are these weird

commonalities between the woke left and

radical Islam giving rise to what is

called Islam leftism and it is something

that I think is very worrying and has a

destructive impact on our societies

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