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We fight hate propaganda against Israelis and Jews, share facts, and promote a

better future  for all in the Middle East. Israelis & Palestinians alike

The Story of the October 7th Events

Explore the  events of 'October 7th' to learn about the horrific terrorist attack by Hamas on Israeli civilians and its complicated aftermath.

In an environment rife with misinformation spread by terrorist groups and extremists aiming to destabilize global peace and target liberal democracies, our project is committed to the truth.  We focus on educating and providing clear, comprehensive insights amidst widespread distortions.


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This article debunks five myths surrounding the Israel-Gaza conflict, drawing on Sam Harris's podcast insights. It challenges misconceptions about genocide, proportionality in warfare, the indigeneity of Jews, the justification of Hamas's violence, and the comparative civilization of the societies involved. By addressing these myths, the piece seeks to clarify the complex dynamics of the conflict and the ideological divides fueling it, advocating for a nuanced understanding and a critical reassessment of extremist ideologies.


The Muslim Brotherhood undertakes fieldwork to polarize society and establish narratives that eventually lead to terrorism."

Dr. Lorenzo Vidino, a renowned expert on the Muslim Brotherhood, asserts that the movement has established a comprehensive infrastructure within Western societies, particularly in Europe. He describes the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood in the West as 'social engineering'.
This movement is highly deceptive, having established an infrastructure throughout Europe and attempting to alter Western society by integrating into its mainstream. This poses a significant danger."


Religion is reemerging as a significant global force, challenging prevailing Western methods of addressing fundamentalism and terror.

In this complex landscape, where the intellectual hypocrisy of the left and the war-mongering of the right is evident, a new approach becomes imperative.

Left-wing supporters, peace advocates, and human rights activists face challenging questions about maintaining faith in humanity and adhering to values of freedom, equality, and human dignity without falling into righteous naivety or dangerous political blindness.  

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Dive deeper with our extensive database of video clips. Here, you have the freedom to search and discover a wealth of information. Whether it's detailed analyses, eyewitness accounts, or expert discussions,
our videos offer a comprehensive view of the October 7th events.

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Hamas fighting from hospitals and schools

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