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Supporting Israel


October 7th


Impact on the west

President Biden's remarks on the October 7th terrorist attacks and the resilience of the State of Israel, as found on the White House website, emphasize the strong support of the United States for Israel. In his speech, President Biden conveyed a clear message of solidarity, stating, "You are not alone. As long as the United States stands — and we will stand forever — we will not let you ever be alone."

This statement underscores the enduring commitment of the U.S. to stand with Israel, particularly in the face of terrorist threats and challenges to its security and resilience. The speech reflects the deep ties between the two nations and the U.S. administration's unwavering support for Israel's safety and sovereignty.

Pro-Israel rallies in Europe, and the US have gathered significant support in response to the conflict with Hamas. These rallies, often organized by Jewish communities and their supporters, have been marked by calls for peace and solidarity with Israel.


In the United States, a record number of Jews rallied in Washington D.C., showing support for Israel's actions against Hamas. The rallies have been characterized by the display of Israeli flags, calls for the release of hostages, and expressions of concern for the safety of Jewish communities.Participants have emphasized the importance of standing with Israel, highlighting the nation's right to defend itself against attacks. These gatherings reflect a strong sentiment among supporters of Israel, who seek to counter the narrative of pro-Palestinian rallies and emphasize the complexities of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.The rallies also demonstrate the deep divisions in public opinion regarding the conflict, with a notable contrast between pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian perspectives.



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