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October 7th


Impact on the west



Antisemitism in The Streets

The rise of antisemitism in various countries following the events of October 7th, particularly the Hamas massacre, has been a cause for concern globally. The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has reported a dramatic increase in antisemitic incidents in the United States, with a 337% rise since October 7, representing the highest two-month number since 1979.

This surge has not been limited to the U.S., as other countries have also experienced a significant increase in antisemitic incidents. For instance, France reported 588 antisemitic incidents with 336 arrests, the UK saw a 13-fold increase in antisemitic hate crimes, and Germany reported a 240% rise in antisemitic incidents compared to the same period last year. Similar trends have been observed in other parts of Europe, Latin America, North Africa, and Australia
The surge in antisemitism has been attributed to the conflict in the Middle East, with historical evidence suggesting that such conflicts often lead to a spike in antisemitic incidents.



The ADL has emphasized the need for leaders across various sectors to unequivocally condemn antisemitism and take action to support and secure Jewish communities

The relentless nature of these attacks and the absence of any signs of diminishing have raised concerns about the impact of this wave of antisemitism on global stability and democracy



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